Rajni Decides To Leave Vaishnav House
Rajni breaks down into tears and also tries her best to explain Krish that it was not her fault but Krish ignores her later, Namita informs Waju and Yashoda that Rajni is leaving Vaishnav house forever and indirectly explains them to stop Rajni who never had any intentions to hurt any family member, on the other side, Rajni meets each and every member of Vaishnav family before leaving Krish's house and all the members are extremely upset as Rajni is going. What will be Krish's final decision? Why did Yashoda stop Rajni from leaving Vaishnav house?
"The law of averages can disturb the apple cart of even the Gods. Krish was but a mere mortal. Well maybe a more special mortal in some ways.
This is the story of krish and his soul mate rajnibala. Krish, who has not been bitten by the love bug , takes one look at the ethereally beautiful rajnibala and realises that she is his soul mate. The marriage takes place with great fanfare and krish and rajnibala become man and wife.
Like many a classic love stories this one too has all the trappings ; love at first sight, rich boy poor girl, family opposition, etc etc. But truth is stranger than fiction. Destiny has something else in store for them. Inspite of being the susheel, sanskari, beautiful and the vaishnav pariwaar's favourite bahu..a twist of events leads the family to make a decision of getting their bahu married. Lekin kyun??
Does the story have a happy ending ? Or does happiness have a totally different interpretation from person to person ? One will get all the answers as this page turning love story unfolds itself day after eventful day.

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