Boosting through the sand
with a blast properly secured to my coming back.
I have a distressing plan
for The holidays are interval in Irak.
I got through checkpoint A,
but not through checkpoint B.
That's when I got taken in the ass
by the US Army...

[it's not funny!]

Oooh, jingle weaponry, jingle bombs
Mine blew up you see.
Where are all the virgins
that Bin Loaded assured me?
Oooh, jingle weaponry, jingle bombs
U.S. military taken me deceased.
The only aspect that I have left
is this side little side little towel up on my go.

I used to be a man,
but whenever I hacking and coughing,
thanks to Dad Sam,
my nut items keep losing off.
My bombing periods are done.
I need to find some execute.
Perhaps it would be much safer
as a realistic store night personnel.

Oooh, jingle weaponry, jingle bombs
I think I got connected.
Don't giggle at me because I'm dead
or I'll eliminate you...


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